(…) "Montreal-based Valérie Boulet (b. 1986) and Jose Enrique Montes Hernandez (b. 1983) are Marquis Montes. Partners in work and in life, they create enigmatic works that draw on many cultural references. Through dramatic staging, precise lighting and invigorating styling, their work captivates the imagination. Cinematic and theatrical, they concentrate on fashion and editorial photography, which results in a surreal world where ideas come alive through concept and possibility. The duo re-negotiates the boundaries of storytelling, using bold and inventive ways to illustrate a narrative through pictures. Looking to create a universal language by traversing artistic boundaries, Boulet and Hernandez not only work in photography, but also in film and music video. Energetic and lively, Marquis Montes creates works that inspire discussion". (…) - Aesthetica Magazine.

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7080 Alexandra street, 402
Montréal, QC

tel +1 514 495 2243

twitter : @marquismontes